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Training Paddle - Crooked River

Paddled 16 miles on the Crooked River today. Put in at the HW 67 bridge and paddled to the confluence with the Ochlocknee river.

One of the prettiest bodies of water I have ever paddled on. Very wild hardly any signs of man. Perhaps 6 houses in 16 miles. It was Friday and really, really hot so I did not see anyone on the river until I arrived at the dirt boat ramp were I took out. Some of the pictures are mapped with their location, pretty cool.

I have a photo album up of some pictures I took along the way. (I plan to make some web pages about the crooked river later as finding information about the trip was difficult). Sorry about the water spots.

The paddling was tough, I probably should not have done that workout the day before :p

Distance by GPS was 16 miles, I was on the water for about 7 hours. I stopped and looked around at each campsite, so my guess at my movement time is about 6:30. Pretty slow, but did I mention it was hot? I think it was mid 90s. Wind ranged from nothing to 12 knots. Direction was pretty random. When it was blowing I would say it was behind me half the time and in my face the other half. So can't blame the time on wind.